Our buildings need to be maintained from the outside as well as the inside, and a big part of this is building cleaning. Cleaning the exteriors of our buildings is not just necessary for aesthetic purposes but also for architectural preservation, conservation, environmental care, and for the general upkeep or restoration of the building.

As with anything left to withstand the full wrath of the elements, the outside of buildings will invariably become more dirty and stained over time as they are a magnet for traffic film, pollution, dust, bird droppings, moss, and sometimes even graffiti. If left dirty for too long, not only will the layers of dirt pile up, making removal a harder job, but permanent staining or marking could occur, as well as the possibility of leaking.

Operating in Loughborough, Leicester and across Leicestershire, Plastic Fantastic works to consistently deliver the best cleaning solutions for both commercial and residential properties, providing each with cleaning solutions to meet the building’s needs. Offering UPVC cleaning, we can clean and revive everything from fascias and soffits to garage doors and conservatories. This will remove all the dirt and grime from the exterior of your building and restore it to its previous pristine condition.