First impressions do matter when it comes to keeping our properties and premises clean, especially commercial premises. If your building looks unclean, unsightly and uncared for, this will only ever reflect negatively on your business. When it comes to your business premises, image counts.

Building cleaning not only improves the aesthetic value of your premises but regular cleaning aids in architecture preservation and environmental care. Building cleaning can cover anything from gutters, windows, cladding, paving, fascias and stonework restoration. Cleaning is required for building restoration, so aside from any aesthetic considerations, it’s an important job.

With time, weather, airborne dirt, traffic film, pollution, dust, bird droppings, algae and moss, the exterior of buildings can become dirty very quickly. Windows, especially those which are high up, are hard to reach to be cleaned. In order to ensure your building cleaning is done properly, it pays to call in the professionals who will have the equipment and expertise to clean your building to perfection.

For building cleaning in Leicester look to Plastic Fantastic. We handle different aspects of building cleaning work, including conservatory cleaning, window cleaning and driveway cleaning, serving both commercial and domestic clients throughout Loughborough, Leicester and the whole of Leicestershire.