Whether you run a retail business or an office building, the windows of your building can rapidly look like they are dirty and poorly maintained with coming into regular contact with the elements. For any business this is not a good sign! Clients and walk in customers will take a first impression from the exterior of your building and when they see what they perceive as unclean exteriors it can go as far as to prevent them walking in! Ensuring a bright, welcoming exterior with sparkling clean window panels and a spotless door can go a long way to creating an impact with the customer!

There may not be the resources within your company to carry out exterior cleaning yourself so whether you need commercial building cleaning, windows washing or doors sprucing up, choose only a professional, reliable and honest firm – Plastic Fantastic!

Plastic Fantastic can clean your commercial or residential exteriors throughout Loughborough and Leicestershire. They pride themselves on using non-abrasive cleaning materials preserving your window, doors and fascias and their advanced equipment allows them to carry out all cleaning from the ground removing any health and safety risks. Pricing is competitive and they pride themselves on a complete, professional service leaving a happy client every time whether you require cleaning services in your home or business premises.

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