Have you noticed any water leaking outside your property? Are you experiencing damp inside the property? Is moss or mould forming inside your gutters?

If so, gutter cleaning is called for. Gutter cleaning is a vital part of property maintenance, and it’s a job that should be undertaken annually or twice a year in order to prevent any potentially damaging problems occurring with the gutters. Blocked gutters can cause water leakage, and the water can find its way into your property, damaging ceilings, external brickwork, roofs, walls and floors.

With a residential property, it’s within the owner’s best interests to care for the property properly in order to maintain its property value. The same is true of commercial properties.

Plastic Fantastic can help with commercial gutter cleaning, protecting your premises from water damage. We work on your gutters from the safety of the ground by employing the use of a triple motor industrial vacuum with long pole attachments. Difficult access areas can be easily reached and cleaned thoroughly from the ground, with no scaling of the property required.

Complete commercial gutter cleaning.