Leaking, splitting, rattling, gutters – ring a bell?

Over time gutters will accumulate silt, debris and detritus if they are not cleared regularly, and like anything, proper maintenance will extend life span. The accumulation of these substances will inevitably lead to blockage. A gutter is intended to deflect rainfall away from the building to protect its exterior and its foundations, but if the gutter is blocked and you then suffer heavy or sustained downpours, the water is likely to topple back into the building, damaging the property. Regardless of age, type or position, if gutters are properly maintained they will serve their purpose well.

Commercial gutter clearing is of course required for the same reason as for residential properties, but insurance companies within the UK are recommending their customers complete a routine gutter clean on all commercial business premises to avoid the need for costly insurance claims and increased premiums.

The answer? Commercial gutter clearing on a regular basis from a professional company that specialises in gutter clearance, such as <a href=”http://www.plasticfantastic.info/gutter-clearance-leicester/”>Plastic Fantastic</a>. Operating in Loughborough, Leicester and across Leicestershire, we have invested in the latest technology to safely clean your gutters and to meet all your commercial gutter clearing needs. Qualified and equipped to work at height, just leave it all to us – and reduce those insurance premiums.