Now that the warmer weather is here, you want to make the most of your caravan, but before you go setting off into the wilds, you need to start getting your caravan summer ready!

If this is the first time you have used your caravan since storing it for the winter months, it is vital you check it thoroughly. Check for any frost damage that may have occurred and for any mould that may be growing either within or on the outside of your caravan.

Of course, getting your caravan summer ready also means doing the usual maintenance checks to ensure that the toilet, water and cooking facilities are in full working order. Have your tyres checked and look out for tell tale signs that rats or mice have been using your caravan as a winter haven.

Once all the maintenance checks and repairs have been done, you are ready to start cleaning the van in preparation for your holiday. Even the best cared-for caravans can end up looking grotty, when stains and sun damage build up over many years. In these cases a good scrub with household detergents just won’t do the job.

Plastic Fantastic are experts in cleaning and refurbishing UPVC. Weather damage alone can drastically alter the look of UPVC. Using powerful new cleaning technology, Plastic Fantastic will restore your UPVC to it’s original pristine condition. Using detergents that are strong but environmentally friendly, they will blast away the grime that has dulled the look of your caravan. The end result will be your caravan looking as good as the day you bought it!

Plastic Fantastic operate in Loughborough, Leicester and the Leicestershire area.