It’s hurricane season in Loughborough at the moment! Well, not quite but the weather has taken a turn for the worse and keeping your gutters clear should be one of your top priorities. Without a clear run off all the rain that falls will have nowhere to run which could cause your gutters to overflow and your downpipes to leak. The serious effects of which can potentially cause damp in your property and even damage your brickwork. Nevertheless with our powerful triple motor industrial vacuum and multiple pole attachments we can safely clear all the debris from your gutters and access all the hard to reach places so you don’t have to. To make sure we get every last piece of debris our vacuum is fitted with a digital camera and viewing screen allowing us to get a clear view of any blockages. Therefore we really have no need to set a foot on your roof assuring that no damage will come to your property.

If you live in Leicester or the surrounding areas of Leicestershire and would rather have someone else take care of the job for you then be sure to contact us. If you could let us know the kind of property you have, ideally with pictures, we are more than happy to provide a quotation.