As with anything, the longer a solar panel is outside and exposed to the elements, the more dirty it will get.

A solar panel consists of solar panels which are covered by a glass coating. Solar panels need to be cleaned periodically in order to produce and deliver the maximum amount of energy to the grid. A build-up of dust, leaves, bird droppings and dirt will make it more difficult for sunlight to reach the cells in your solar panels. The longer you leave it before cleaning the solar panels, the greater the build-up of dirt. The more dirt, the lower the amount of electricity they will generate. Anything which blocks light transmission to your solar panels has the potential to lower their performance, as well as lower the financial return on your investment.

Other factors can affect the amount of electricity your solar panels produce, but stained, dirty solar panels happen to be one of the main factors, and the problem is easily solved.

Plastic Fantastic provides solar panel cleaning to clients throughout the areas of Loughborough, Leicester and across Leicestershire. If you’ve invested in solar panels then you’ll want to ensure that they serves you well and provide you with many years of service. Solar panel cleaning will keep your solar panels performing at their best, saving you money.

Maintain solar panel efficiency with the help of Plastic Fantastic.