The exterior of your home can quickly become tarnished by the elements it is constantly in contact with. If your home is on a busy road, there is a chance your windows and conservatory windows will get dark silt left on the panes and glass from traffic not to mention dust and dirt from the air and has been moved around by cars and lorries. If you attempt to clean your windows yourself it can be amazing how difficult it is to leave them sparkling and how you would like and then how quickly dirt and debris will accumulate straight after.

And how do you know the best cleaning fluids and apparatus to use?

It can be hard work cleaning your conservatory or windows, getting ladders out, knowing which are the right products to use and making sure you use the right brushes not to scratch or ruin the surfaces– why not make the whole process simpler and  find a local specialised cleaning company who can carry out any glass cleaning quickly and professionally?  Whether you need your conservatory cleaning, windows washing or gutters gutting, Plastic Fantastic are the professional cleaning company who can leave your home  looking spotless.

Whether you are looking for residential window cleaning or cleaning services on commercial premises with numerous glass surfaces area call Plastic Fantastic to complete the job for you. Operating throughout Loughborough and Leicestershire , Plastic Fantastic use non-abrasive cleaning materials preserving your window, doors and conservatories and their advanced equipment allows them to carry out all cleaning from the ground removing any health and safety risks. Pricing is competitive and they pride themselves on a complete, professional service leaving a happy client every time whether you require cleaning services in your home or business premises.

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