It all depends on factors of your surroundings and weather conditions. But in general most authorities advise to have your solar panels cleaned every 6 months.
Yes, we actually prefer this method of payment because it reduces paper use drastically and is far easier when running accounts.
The longer UPVC is left, it does naturally increase the chances of sun bleaching and discolouration from dirt, mainly from dirt out of the gutters splashing and green algae.  However we have managed to deep clean UPVC on soffits and fascia boards that were 7 years old, to look identical to a next door neighbours that was only 2 months old!
Yes, we are fully insured.
We use our state of the art video surveillance system that can show we have cleared out your gutters thoroughly for your peace of mind.
Although we are fully insured, we use our ground based cleaning system to deep clean your conservatory, meaning we do not place any pressure on its structure or panels.  So we can not only make it look fantastic, but we do so in a way to avoid any damage to your property.
Whilst your husband can get a lot of the green algae off and natural weather dirt, the fantastic results that plastic fantastic achieve are very difficult to duplicate.  With using our system of high tech remote spraying equipment, low strength/high impact bio-degradable chemicals and various cleaning attachments we can deliver the best results possible. To get your UPVC gleaming.
Yes, we have long reach pole and spraying equipment to clean your UPVC and extending vacuum poles to reach your gutters.
Yes, all our chemicals are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
Yes. We have all the correct ppe and are worksafe contractor accredited, all our operatives hold CSCS cards.
Yes this is true. Some cleaning companies claim that you can lose up to 50%, however we believe this is false information as we have done our research and come to believe depending on your location and environment the figure is 15%-30%.