Damage caused by damp costs more to put right than gutter clearing. If your gutters are left for long periods without proper maintenance and clearance then they are liable to become clogged and blocked by debris. Blocked gutters are responsible for up to 80% of damp problems in buildings. It therefore pays to maintain your gutters well in order to prevent the problem of damp from occurring.

Blocked gutters can easily cause damage to the fabric of a building, while overflowing water can become a source of frustration to those who operate within the building. Gutters will also appear unsightly if stained and damaged.

The assistance of a company with professional experience in commercial gutter clearing should be all you need to keep your gutters operating as they should. Plastic Fantastic, working with customers across Loughborough, Leicester and Leicestershire, handles all aspects of commercial gutter clearing by using a triple motor vacuum to remove all debris, leaves and other build-up from inside the gutter, thoroughly and efficiently. A real time video link camera is also used to first diagnose the cause of blockage. All this will ensure successful gutter clearance.