Conservatory Polycarbonate Roof Replacement

Here at Plastic Fantastic we offer a complete restoration package to bring your conservatory back to its former glory. This service often includes replacement roof panels & a seal replacement (Thermal 25mm multi wall is a popular customer choice), gutter repair or replacement and a full exterior & interior deep clean.

Why Replace My Conservatory Roof?

No one wants a damp, hot and noisy conservatory. With a poor-quality conservatory roof, it may mean you will encounter all or some of these problems. Broken seals and broken glass or polycarbonate panels can often discolor leaving your conservatory looking and feeling damp and unsightly. We offer a complete conservatory roof replacement with a choice of materials.

Conservatory Gutter Replacement

A common problem you may encounter with your conservatory is for the gutter to sag and break due to the internal brackets becoming brittle and snapping causing the corner & union joints to become worn and leak water causing mortar and internal damage. Here at plastic fantastic we offer complete gutter replacement for your conservatory.

Too Hot in The Summer & Too Cold in The Winter

Poor temperature control is usually a result of having a conservatory roof that offers little to no thermal insulation. Cheaper quality polycarbonate and single glazed roofs are well known for these problems.


A single glazed or thin polycarbonate conservatory roof will offer little to no sound insulation. Many conservatory owners will know the irritation of rain noise when it hits the roof, making it unusable during wet weather. This can be alleviated with a replacement conservatory roof.

Replacement Conservatory Roof Panels: Which Material?

There is a choice of materials available to our customers. Each one offers its own aesthetic and financial appeal.

  • Glass Conservatory Roof
  • Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof
  • Solid Conservatory Roof
  • Thermal Panel Conservatory Roof

The best type of conservatory roof will depend on what you are looking to achieve. Is it enhanced light? Thermal efficiency? Or is cost effectiveness the most important aspect when choosing a new roof?

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