Fascias, soffits and guttering all play an important role in keeping your home dry. As they are all visible, it’s worthwhile to keep them sparkling and well-maintained, if only for aesthetic considerations. If you’re putting your house on the market in the hopes of selling it then investment in looking after your fascias is a shrewd move. New fascias will impress a surveyor, a prospective buyer and will increase the value of your home.

A fascia is a board constructed of softwood or PVC which is attached to the exposed edges of your rafters. A fascia is designed to protect the roof and the inside of your home against the elements, it insulates, it supports the roof tiles and it supports the guttering.

The replacement of fascias if they are old, worn or disintegrating, is crucial. If fascias are functioning properly then they should help to protect your walls and roof, preventing against damp and water damage.

At Plastic Fantastic we can restore your fascias back to their previous pristine condition, giving them shine, aesthetic appeal and making them fully-functional. We handle all aspects of UPVC work and serve both commercial and domestic clients throughout Loughborough, Leicester and the whole of Leicestershire.