Solar panels are a significant investment for your home – the outlay is often justified by the ability to recoup the reduction in energy bills and in some cases power can be sold on to others. For solar panels to most productivity function and produce the optimum levels of power they are required to be exposed to direct sunlight for as long as possible. The great news for anyone with solar panels is as we move towards spring and summer; the hours of daylight are increasing and so the duration of exposure to sunlight is not only increased but the intensity of the sun is more significant. Even on days with some cloud cover, the solar panels should be able to pick up on available light to start to generate any power possible.

Naturally when you have solar panels installed on your home and have invested in these panels, you want them to be performing at an optimum level at all times. Maintaining your panels and keeping them as clean and visible as possible is very important for getting the best out of the panels.

As the panels are exposed on the roof of the home it is easy for them to collect debris over them with the falling of leaves, moss and dirt carried in the rain. This will impact on the surface exposure to the sunlight therefore will have a knock on effect on how they perform. If you are looking for the ones to help with your solar panel maintenance call Plastic Fantastic. The experienced team will ensure your solar panels are not only left spotlessly clean but will be kept in the same condition as when you first purchased them using only soft brushes and di-ionised water for cleaning.

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