It’s about that time of the year when you start noticing drops of water falling on your head as you close your front door even though the suns out. The reason? No, its not your own personal rain cloud, as much as it may seem like you have one, It’s more than likely just your gutter overflowing.

The smallest of blockages can lead to overflowing and whilst it can just be a small annoyance at first it can develop into a larger problem if left untended. That’s where we come in. At Plastic Fantastic we will provide you with a professional and efficient service without any hassle. We use our triple motor vacuums and real time video-link camera to guarantee a thorough clearing of your gutters so we don’t need lots of equipment with us and we don’t even need to waste time climbing up and down ladders.

For more information regarding a full list of the services we provide throughout Leicestershire please call 0116 2106421.