Conservatory Cleaning in Hinckley

We can offer you a option to get back the fresh look of your conservatory. With new technology, expertise and several years of experience, you can be assured that the once tired and faded appearance of your conservatory can be a thing of the past!

With time, weather and airborne dirt, especially when your conservatory doesn’t get much sunlight, green algae and dirt can seriously detract from its visual appeal. If the algae are left to grow it would likely undermine the joints and seals in your conservatory and cause costly repairs and serious staining can happen. Most people will understand it’s a tricky and dangerous job to thoroughly clean their conservatory to a sufficient standard and in a risk-free manor.

We’ve established a high tech cleaning system which gives truly wonderful results! So if you are in search of Conservatory Cleaning in Hinckley call Plastic Fantastic today.

We do it by using our high tech equipment to spray low-odour bio-degradable chemicals and the using our water fed poles and pure water with various attachments.

In addition, we offer you a conservatory interior deep clean that involves cleaning all UPVC framework as well as all windows throughout.